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The Housing Market Explained
The rise in interest rates have continued to make owning a home more unaffordable. During August, home prices had their largest monthly decline since 2009. This is just a small preview of what I believe we’ll see in the coming months as the market adjusts to 7% mortgages.

The Housing Market

Higher Yields
One positive of higher interest rates is that yields on bonds are becoming more attractive.

bond yields

Starting yields on most fixed income asset classes are near the highest we’ve seen in over a decade. One year ago, the 10-year Treasury yield was under 2% and now it is around 4%.

Stocks Bottom First
Unlike real estate, stock prices change much more quickly. Overweighting today’s news, good and bad, can get investors in trouble because today is already priced in. The stock market almost always bottoms well before a recession is over, and sometimes before we even know that we’re in a recession.

To hammer this point, the chart below shows six different major economic downturns since 1950. In all six instances, the stock market started rising off bear market lows before the economy turned around.

six different major economic downturns

A prime example of this was during 2020. The stock market had already bottomed, and unemployment was continuing to get worse.

Jim Cramer’s Mad Money show on 4/9/2020.

Bad Month for Bears
This could go down as one of the best months ever for the Dow, currently up 13.5%. October is living up to its reputation of being a potential bear market killer. The last 6 of 15 bear markets ended in October, more than any other month. Is it possible we saw the bottom?

Dow Performance After 10% Monthly Gains

Pay Raise for Retirees
Amid record high inflation, Social Security beneficiaries will get an 8.7% increase to their benefits starting in January 2023. This is the biggest percentage increase we’ve seen in a calendar year since 1982.

Social Security Cost-of-Living Adjustments

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