Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!!! As we head into the weekend, I hope everyone is doing well and has some fun activities planned. I’m looking forward to grilling some burgers and hot dogs. No ribs or wings, just going to keep it basic this weekend with something that takes ketchup, mustard, and a pickle. Also, I’m not exactly sure which day we’re grilling, but at some point, the grill and I will have a meeting.  

This year we have a little more to celebrate that has nothing to do with America’s independence from Britain. For some, this will be the first major outdoor gathering since Covid or even simpler the first time some have seen family or friends in a year or two.  Last year there were no community fireworks and even the grill had a little less love only serving smaller groups.  While I enjoy fireworks and my grill, I’m most excited for all the kids out there who once again get to run around with sparklers and glow sticks, play catch, slam back juice boxes, look up to the sky, and get to once again celebrate the birthday of America.   

Have a great weekend everyone! Be safe, have fun, enjoy your families, and make sure you get at least one bad food item in your belly!! 

Talk to you soon. Happy 245 America!!!