On behalf of Terry, George, and myself we wanted to say thanks again for your continued trust this year and we wish your family a fun and safe Christmas!!!

2021 has been another crazy year, but one that financially has been good for clients and generally people who invest in the markets. The markets continue to prove their worth in helping investors grow wealth while also separating themselves from the masses. When you see and talk to younger members of your family, please remind them to be investing as time truly helps make a difference in their future success.  

With the New Year just a week away we are gearing up for our busy season, which typically runs from January to May as we juggle year end reviews, new goals, tax planning and assisting everyone’s accountants with tax items.  We’ll be in touch to set up reviews. If you are looking to come in sooner than later, please give our office a call in the next few weeks and we’ll get everything scheduled.

Thanks again and hopefully you’ll have a great week to end 2021! We’ll see you soon. 


Phil Guerrero, CFP®
President, Wealth Advisor
PMG Wealth Management