Typically, George Maroudas in our office writes all (most for sure) of our blogs. This week I stumbled on an article written by our custodian, LPL. We see a ton of these and normally I don’t like forwarding, but this one I enjoyed and think it does a good job covering most of the bases.

Some things you will have to consider include, where you plan on living, how much money you have, your current health, etc. Most of our clients are up to date with viewing their retirement cash flow projections. If you haven’t seen yours in a while, give us a call. 

One area I’d like to add, if you haven’t logged into ssa.gov to view your Social Security record online I recommend you do that. It’s relatively easy to setup and even helps protect your account from identify theft since you’ll have control over your online profile going forward. 

Retirement needs a lot of planning, are you ready for it? Check out the article “Preparing For Retirement”. Enjoy your weekend. 

Phil Guerrero