Theme for 2021…

So many people and our clients are happy to put 2020 behind them due to shutdowns, lack of social life, Covid, etc. and are looking forward to 2021 as a re-emergence to normalcy. I couldn’t agree more, but do need to point out from an investors point of view 2020 was...

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President Biden’s Relief and Tax Proposals

President Biden has proposed a Covid-19 relief package and new tax plan. These plans are filled with numerous proposals and below I will breakdown some of the most notable ones.  RELIEF PACKAGE  President Biden proposed a $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package with the...

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Outlook 2021: Executive Summary

POWERING FORWARDMore than most years, it’s hard to look ahead to the next year, to 2021, without looking back at 2020. A global pandemic, a massive economic collapse, a bear market, a surprisingly sharp reversal, a hotly contested election where passions ran high, the...

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Money Questions You Should Be Asking Your Parents

Do you have an estate plan?This question may be difficult to ask but it’s important to have this discussion. This includes documents like a will, trust, health care directives, and other important legal documents. If they don’t have these documents, they need to speak...

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Life Insurance for Young Adults

One of the last things on your mind when you’re a young adult is life insurance. You’re probably focusing on many other expenses and it can be tough to justify another personal expense. Does life insurance make sense for you? Below I’ll discuss reasons why it may be a...

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Six Things to Do Before 30 to Build Wealth

1. Pay down debt First thing you need to do is pay down your debt. The less you owe each month the more potential you have to save or invest. The earlier it’s paid off the sooner you can invest and allow your money to compound over time. If you have credit card debt,...

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Election Impact on Your Portfolio

Are you worried how the election may affect your portfolio? With the election just weeks away you can expect to hear many different opinions on how the president will affect the market and economy. Many people on the left believe Trump is bad for everything and many...

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Biden’s Tax Proposals

Recently, many people have been asking about the impact of Biden’s proposed tax hike. According to studies, Biden’s proposal would aim to raise around $4 trillion in 10 years1. The top 1% would pay 74% of the additional taxes according to Wall Street Journal1. If...

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